Top 5 Movie Snacks You Can Munch On While Enjoying Your Movie

People don’t just watch movies for the entertainment, but they do it also to spend time with family. Studies show that the main reason why people watch movies is not only for the movie itself, but also for the food they munch on while watching! There’s no better way to relax than to curl up with a loved one while munching on food and watching a good movie. After all, what good movie marathon doesn’t come with delicious food or snacks?

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That is why you will find a lot of food being sold by the cinemas, with many flocking towards it to purchase something to munch on while watching their favorite movie. For those who are yearning for a movie marathon with loved ones or for themselves, it’s never complete without something delicious to snack on! Here are the best types of food to eat when having a movie marathon:

  1. Popcorn – The most popular movie food of all time, popcorn will never grow old. Get it plain, with extra butter, or even have crazy flavors like wasabi or strawberry, you’ll easily be satisfied from the amount of fiber popcorn holds. Plus, it’s a low calorie snack depending on the flavor you get!
  2. Granola – A bit on the healthier side now, granola is great to munch on for sweet tooths. A filling snack, it’s best not to eat so much of it as it is pretty high calorie, but will satiate you for longer.
  3. Pizza – What movie marathon has no pizza involved? Delicious and with lots of flavors to choose from, you can have this delivered in less than an hour and start your movie marathon right away! A perfect way to start the weekend, have some friends over and grab a box of pizza for the ultimate movie night.
  4. Chocolates – For those sweet tooths that can’t get enough of chocolate, you can still get a healthier version and go for unsweetened or one with natural sugars. Dark chocolate is also great for you, too! Moderation is key, and with a movie marathon, a bit of chocolate does wonders.
  5. Potato chips – A pack of crisps is perfect for munching on when wanting something savory. With flavors like barbecue or sour cream, you get to choose what you want and enjoy while watching!

You can easily purchase all these types of food in your local grocery, or even have it delivered by ordering online! When online, you won’t need to get out of the house, all you need to do is order through a click of a button and have it delivered at the comforts of your own home.

If you’re wondering what movie or show to start your marathon with, you can easily check ShowBox for iPhone & iPad for a vast collection of shows. It’s free and you can stream all your favorite shows with ease. All you need is your mobile device and stable internet connection to enjoy ShowBox.

Munch on your favorite snacks while watching your favorite movies. Not only will you be relaxed, but you’ll definitely have fun and be full with food and entertainment.

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